Premio Mejor Intervenido I ♥ Munny V2


Ejeje, aquí tomándome la foto con "the Baroness" luego de anunciar mi munny (STEAMbob) como ganador para el mejor intervenido en el concurso de "I ♥ Munny" v2 realizado por Freakstore :D.


Here I am taking a picture with "the Baroness" after she announced my Munny (STEAMbob) as the winner for best intervened in the "I ♥ Muny" V2 contest made by Freakstore :D.

Aquí está la pieza en el evento... desafortunadamente alguien le rompió las pinzas de la cabeza y para el momento de tomarme la foro con the Baroness ya el control completo estava desprendido. (por suerte ya esta todo reparado)

Here it's the piece at the event... unfortunately somebody broke both tweezers that where on the head, and by the time I took the foto with the Baroness the whole controller was completly broken (though its all fixed now)

The Baroness y Yo
Work In Progress
And a video from the event and interview with the jury of the contest (Amanda Visel, Huck Gee, Nicole East (the Baroness) and Michelle Valigura)

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