Glen Fernández has been a professional artist for over 20 years and resides in Madrid, SPAIN. He studied Classical Cartooning at “Escuela de Historietas López y Acosta” and also studied Illustration at “IDC” in Venezuela. Since the late 90s, Glen has been a full time freelance illustrator out of his home for several companies like McCan Erickson, 5Finity, Moonstone Comics, Kriptosoic Entertainment, DC Comics among others.
Glen is the artist behind Dragon Whisperer, a recently created 4 issue mini series published by Red 5 comics in 2020 as well as being the author and artist for his own original mini series called Errants which he self publishes through Amazon.

His style of art is a mix of cartoons and comics, giving a unique look to the characters and creations he makes.

For freelance inquiries please email me directly glenri@yahoo.com

.-Honey West Phases of the moon #2 (Moonstone).

.-Broken Angel #3, #4, #5.

-Cover Art-
.-Phases of the moon #1 Domino Lady Colorist (Moonstone).
.-Phases of the moon #1 The Spider Colorist (Moonstone).
.-Domino Lady Threesome #1 (Moonstone).
.-Domino Lady Threesome #3 (Moonstone).
.-Golden Amazon #1 Hard Cover (Moonstone).

-Art & Script-
.-Time Traveler's Guide for Dummies.
.-Dirt Vex.

.-Zombies vs Cheerleaders -The misadventures of Becky and Bob #1 (Moonstone).
.-Dragon Whisperer #1-4 (Red5 Comics).
Published Pinups
.-Zombies vs Cheerleaders #1 (Moonstone).
.-Voltron United and Drawn (Moonstone).
.-Lady Death 2011 convention exclusive.
.-Zombies vs Cheerleaders #4 (Moonstone).
.-Horror meets Girls-(Braiiinz -Lenticular Base Trading card -Werewolf).
.-Adventure Time -(Steampunk PEPPERMINT BUTTLER Base Trading Card #08-Foil).
.-DC Comics The Women of Legend -(RAVEN Base Trading Card #32).
.-DC comics Super Villains -(TERRA Base Trading Card #58).

.-Zombies vs Cheerleaders.
.-Female Persuation.
.-Hack Slash.
.-Domino Lady/The Spider.
.-P'ups Master set.
.-Zombies vs Cheerleaders (Halloween).
.-Lady Death.
.-Manga Mandy.
.-Zombies vs Cheerleaders Platinum.
.-Lady Death & Hack/Slash (RRW).
.-Josie and the Pussycats.
.-Babes of the Dead.
.-Grimm Fairy Tales.
.-Workshop Babes.

Bad Axe Studios
.-Dungeon Dolls.

Cryptozoic Entertainment
.-DC comics New 52.
.-Superman: The Legend.

.-Revista Tricolor #123 hasta #246 (Cadena Capriles).
.-Revista Multicolor #01 hasta #36 (Cadena Capriles).
.-El Origen del fuego (El Nacional).
.-Hombres de Maíz (El Nacional).

.-Concurso Nacional de Comics (Cuadernos Caribe) 2002? Primer lugar.
.-Telltale Games 2008 Primer lugar.
.-History Channel UFO Hunters (2008?) Primer Lugar.
.-Telltale Games 2009 Segundo lugar.
.-It's Art Magazine (Time travelers guide 2010) Primer lugar.
.-I Love MUNNY v2.0 (2011) Mejor Intervenido.
.-Toysrevil Steampunk Perspective #1 (2011) Ganador.
.-I Love MUNNY v3.0 (2011) Mejor Intervenido.

.-Arequipe 3P comercial Alien (Cotufa Studios).
.-Fruits vs Blender (concept and final art).
.-Bingo Battle. (Bingo Battle FB Page)
.-Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis SE (programmer). (www.went2play.com)


.-5Finity Productions.
.-Bad Axe Studios.
.-Moonstone Comics.
.-Cryptozoic Entertainment.
.-DC Comics.
.-Day Dreamer Comics.
.-Mayhan Studios.

.-Braiiinz Publishing.

.-McCann Erickson.
.-Altamira Tenis Club.

.-Coldwell Banker.
.-AP animation Studios.
.-Cadena Capriles (Tricolor y Multicolor).
.-Brújula de papel (El Nacional).
.-Cotufa Studios.
.-ARS Publicidad.


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